Grooming Your Pet Can Keep Them Healthy and Happy

There are a full range of services when it comes to pet grooming—from a basic trim to hand stripping and full bath—that will leave a pet feeling pampered. “Pet grooming is not just for looks, it’s also for the health and well-being of the animal,” says Karen Aldrich, founder of Premier Pet Salon.

At Premier Pet Salon, these services are taken to next level. The only salon in Minnesota where all its full-time groomers are certified by the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers, Premier Pet specializes in a “straight through” service where trained staff work with pets one at a time. “We focus on one-on-one attention,” says Aldrich. “We work with pets individually to make it is as low stress as possible and give the best quality that we can.”

Over the years, Aldrich says that cat grooming has become more common as people recognize that cats do not actually clean themselves. However, cats are typically more difficult to deal with than dogs due to their distinct coat type and more reclusive nature. To tackle this, Premier Pet strives to offer a quiet and comfortable environment where cats can be tenderly treated. “We also have a great groomer on staff who loves to work with cats,” Aldrich says.