Keep These Wines in the Fridge for Your Next Patio Party

by | Jun 2019

A bottle of La Marca prosecco and Grenache Cinsault rose.

Wines for the season from Haskell’s John Farrell III.

The garden is growing, the weather is great and the bugs haven’t quite taken over. So—deck parties! I like to keep a few bottles of rosé in the fridge, as well as some prosecco just in case an impromptu happy hour happens. Rosé can be very dry to slightly fruity-sweet. Proseccos are usually slightly dry. Chilled rosé on the patio is a must. Try any rosé from Provence, France. These are priced from $10 to $30. My favorite is Charles Bieler rosé.

Proseccos are great on their own, and they also make wonderful cocktails. Add a bit of juice or a small bump of liqueur from the cabinet—St. Germain elderflower or a bit of Limoncello. I recommend prosecco from Italy over prosecco from California. Prosecco should cost about $12.

Some delicious options:

  • Bieler Rose $13
  • Bouchard Grenache Cinsault $10
  • Casa Farrelli Prosecco $11
  • La Marca Prosecco $13

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