Kid Friendly Summer Drinks

by | Jun 2022

Mixly drink mixer.

It’s the weekend. You have friends coming over, and they are bringing their kids. You have the food and cocktails planned, but what are you giving the kids? How about something other than pop? 

My new favorite is Mixly, locally-made mixers that feature flavors including cucumber, mint and lime; grapefruit and jalapeño; coconut, ginger and lime; pineapple, basil and lime; and strawberry and rhubarb.

While they mix well with spirits (gin, tequila, vodka or whiskey), the mixers can also pair well with club soda or lemon-lime soda for the younger set or those who prefer alcohol-free beverages. 

Mixly is a new staple to my bar cart—great and simple for adults and the kids.

 John F. Farrell III is vice president of sales and merchandising with Haskell’s The Wine People. Find more at


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