Light Show

by | Aug 2021

Electrify Parkers Lake

Photo: Troy Brantner

“We don’t see lightning like this very often …”

“It was a Friday afternoon, and I was working remotely from home when notifications of approaching storms started appearing on my phone …” Troy Brantner says. “My goal was to capture some dramatic storm shots from the second line of storms, which were produced from the approaching cold front.”

The Plymouth resident first went to the Plymouth Creek Center and eventually made a last-minute decision to head over to Parkers Lake, where he took “… several fun shots as the lighting spread out between the clouds,” Brantner says. “We don’t see lightning like this very often, and here we had two storms a couple of weeks apart with incredible shows.”

One of the results is Electrify Parkers Lake, which placed second in the City Landmarks category of our annual photo contest, Picture Plymouth. He used a Sony Mirrorless camera with a 12 mm manual lens.

“I chose this particular photo because the lightning spread out horizontally through the sky, making for a nice panoramic photo,” Brantner says. “This type of view helps display how the lightning crawled across the entire sky that night.”


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