Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society Saves Lovable Pets

by | Apr 2020

Mary Althaus of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society holds a rabbit.

Photo: Chris Emeott

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society offers support to adopters and rescues rabbits.

Mary Althaus fell in love with rabbits about 17 years ago. She’s what’s known in the animal rescue world as a ”failed foster,” when a person fostering decides to adopt the animal. It doesn’t sound like much of a failure. ”Bunnies have some real plusses as pets,” she says. ”They don’t bark; they don’t smell. They can be easily trained to use a litterbox.”

Some people aren’t suited to own rabbits, and this is where the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society offers support to adopters and takes the rabbits if the adoptions don’t work.

”There’s always a rise in the number of rabbits in shelters right after Easter and Christmas. People buy them on impulse, and then don’t know what to do with them,” Althaus says. (The society receives rabbits from Humane Societies or a rescue organization.)

Althaus says the society has many volunteers and foster homes in Maple Grove, Plymouth and all over the Metro.

For those interested in adopting, Althaus recommends getting a breed that suits their lifestyle, rather than on the rabbit’s appearance. Breeds have various characteristics, and personalities vary among individual rabbits. Althaus says a good way to find the right rabbit is to foster one before finalizing the relationship.

To learn more about rabbits, socialize a rabbit or get a ”bunny fix,” try a Hoppy Hour or adoption event. Visit mncompanionrabbit.org for details and donation information.


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