Meet the Rescued Animals at Spring Farm Sanctuary

by | Apr 2020

Spring Farm Sanctuary

Photo: Jim Douglas

Spring Farm is one of the first farm animal sanctuaries in Minnesota.

Jack Benny, a handsome pig, was found running through a bean field in Story City, Iowa. Then there are Frankie, Raisin and Martha, Toggenburg goats, from northern Minnesota. The group joins other rescued animals at Spring Farm Sanctuary, one of the first farm animal sanctuaries in the state.

Pigs at Spring Farm Sanctuary

Committed to ending farm animal cruelty and promoting vegan living since 2016, the sanctuary utilizes rescue operations, rehabilitation of the animals and education of the public to meet its mission.

Goats at Spring Farm Sanctuary

Tours are available, and tickets ($10 for adults and $5 for children) can be purchased online. Note: Depending on where the animals are located during the tour, attendees may or may not be able to view them. The program also includes information about conditions animals face in industrial animal agriculture and its effects on public health and the environment.

Spring Farm Sanctuary
1325 Tamarack Drive, Long Lake
Instagram: @springfarmsanctuary
Facebook: Spring Farm Sanctuary


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