Our Editor’s Favorite Quotes of 2019

by | Aug 2020

Artist Keren Kroul paints.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Some thoughts deserve a second look.

Some words are worth repeating, and it’s always difficult to pull out just a few quotes from previous issues that deserve an exclamation point, as it were. Here is just a sample of some noteworthy, for various reasons, quotes.

“When I found out, I was pretty elated to hear that I had gotten a perfect [ACT] score, but I still know that I am not defined by a single number, no matter how amazing that number is.”
Ben Aoki-Sherwood, February/March 2019

“Each time I’d volunteer at an event, whether it was helping out with an activity night at an elementary school or tutoring freshmen during my study hall, I realized even things that may seem small can make a really big difference.”
Nadrat Amos, February/March 2019

“It’s so rewarding to see the surprise when people start to create within themselves.”
Kathleen Parker, an artist who helps in the senior community, April/May 2019

“If you plant native plants that bring monarch butterflies and birds, you have a different kind of beauty.”
John Bly, Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb, April/May 2019

“Establish relationships. Be humble. Humility is the most important thing of all.”
David Sherman, on advising young photographers, August/September 2019

“I have things from trying to find underwear that fits all the way to the loss of loved ones and dementia and Alzheimer’s.”
Kim Kane, about her book, Sparkle On: Women Aging in Gratitude, August/September 2019

“It’s hard for me when people tell me I was courageous or brave. I’m not a hero—I love being a living example of what one human can do for another.”
Skip Sturtz, kidney donor, October/November 2019

“Inspired by my memories of my grandmother’s stories as a Holocaust survivor and refugee, this work examines the weight of absence, the fragility of memory and the continuing bond that shapes identity through loss and longing.”
Keren Kroul, artist, October/November 2019

“It’s really an honor no matter what your role is in hospice. Hospice patients allowing you to be a part of their journey at the end is a gift.”
Amy Noble, RN, volunteer, December/January 2019-2020

“We didn’t even really know where Plymouth was. We got lost trying to find it.”
Mike Latuff, co-founder of Latuff’s Pizzeria, recalling purchasing the business back in the early 1970s, December/January 2019-2020


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