Owner of Plymouth’s Best Salon Talks Breakup Haircuts and More

by | Jun 2019

A woman with a yellow flower in her hair models a hairstyle from Christopher J Salon.

Photo: Tate Carlson

The owner of Christopher J Salon dishes on recent trends.

Chris Miller of Christopher J’s shares some insights.

Can you tell us about some of the recent trends?
The industry has changed so much in my 23 years of hairdressing. It’s hard to believe that there were times where everyone wanted the same kind of style or cut. Whether it was Jennifer Aniston or … even Posh Spice, women wanted that particular hairstyle. Today, the trends and fashions are amazing—if you can own it, rock it and wear it, it’s yours, which makes haircuts and styling so much more expressive and free. That’s what makes my team and me love what we do. We get to be as creative … and as artistic as we want!

We’ve all known someone who gets a radical change in their hairstyle after a breakup. Can you talk about that?
[Wanting a] change after a relationship break-up may reflect more on the need for emotional change rather than a change in appearance. Changing your style can help you get that fresh new beginning.

If you feel good about your hair, you tend to feel better about yourself. It boosts confidence, attitude and … self-esteem. Having great hair just makes a person feel good!


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