Picture Plymouth: Fishing at Sunset

Capturing years of family traditions.
First Place Activites & Events by Pat Yentzer

Every summer, three neighborhood families vacation together, and each year the trip usually includes fishing. Last summer, Pat Yentzer captured this photograph on one of their traditional fishing excursions on Lake Minnie-Belle.

The photograph won third place in the Activities and Events category in the 2017 Picture Plymouth contest. The subjects are Yentzer’s wife, and his neighbor’s son.
“We go fishing a lot, it’s sort of a ritual, and it was just such a beautiful sunset,” Yentzer says about why he  took this picture.

When the families aren’t on their yearly vacations, Yentzer says they usually fish on Medicine Lake because it’s so convenient.

“We like to go on neighborhood fishing excursions on Medicine Lake; it’s probably our favorite spot,” Yentzer says. The families take a boat out together, and most commonly catch bass, and panfish.

Yentzer says he loves photographing his family vacations because his two favorite photo subjects are family and nature. Yentzer enjoys photography year-round. “I’m always taking pictures on every device, but I bring my camera with me a lot,” he says.

Yentzer credits his mother for his love of photography.  “I’ve been taking pictures since I was in high school, and I guess I just picked it up. My mom was an artist so I think I got my artistic vision from her,” he says.

At the end of the day, Yentzer says it’s all about spending time with family. “Family is fishing to me.

It’s the best of all.”