Picture Plymouth: A Fleeting Moment

Millennium Garden in a bubble.
First Place Activities & Events by Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall’s passion for photography was ignited by the camera that her husband bought her as a Christmas gift. After initially taking pictures at boys’ baseball games, her interest shifted to birds and landscapes. “I like the challenges of bird pictures and landscapes are just gorgeous,” she says.

The idea for the photo began with a shopping trip Hall took with her husband where they bought the bubbles. “We later did the bubbles in our backyard and it was amazing,” Hall recalls. “I did have the photo contest in mind, so when we went to Millennium Garden, we did the bubbles again.”

Despite it being a windy day and the fact that she had to chase after the bubbles, Hall thoroughly enjoyed the process. Among the many shots that day, Hall chose this one because of the clarity of the reflection. “Other bubble pictures look cool too,” she says, “but this one is clear and you still get the colors of the bubbles.”