Picture Plymouth: Girl Power

by | Oct 2020

Bellatrix Shamblin performs a kick at Plymouth National Karate School

Photo: Rebecca Shamblin

This high kick gets the top choice.

Hi-yah! by Rebecca Shamblin placed first in the Activities and Events category of our annual photo contest. “The subject is my daughter, Bellatrix Shamblin, age 5 at the time,” Shamblin says. “She is a student at the Plymouth National Karate school … I’ve been doing martial arts for years, so it’s been a thrill to see her enjoy karate classes and participate in tournaments with me.”

The photo was taken with a Sony a7 III mirrorless camera and a Sony 55mm prime lens with natural lighting.

“My favorite place in Plymouth to take photos is in my own studio, but I also enjoy shooting at [Clifton E. French Regional Park] and Parkers Lake, especially for fall colors,” Shamblin says. “I specialize in newborn portraits and love photographing babies of all ages. My own children are my most important subjects, and they are very patient with me as I constantly pull out the camera. Bellatrix has actually started requesting that I take her photo when she notices a pretty background or golden hour lighting—a little photographer in training.”


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