Picture Plymouth: Keeping an Eye on the Horizon

Riley Loew captures a setting sun and the beauty of nature.

Riley Loew’s passion for photography started budding about five to six years ago, and he remembers being “kind of intimidated” when he got his first camera at the time. “I taught myself one by one and after a while things started to click.” Then Loew began to bring his tripod during his habitual hikes, often slowing down to closely observe the peripheral beauty. As photography blended into his lifestyle, Loew discovered additional relaxation and enjoyment as it allowed him the opportunity to capture the beauty in nature.

Lone Fisherman, the winner of the 2017 Plymouth Photo Contest, was taken during one of his hikes at Timber Shores Park. Captivated by the singular juxtapositions between a clear, serene sky and the complex composition of the dock, and the restful symmetries and the fisherman that stirs the balance, he decided that this is the picture he wanted to take.

“We do have beauty in nature, but people overlook it. Photography captures that,” he says. Loew reflects on his particular interests in landscape and micro photography. He wants to document things from large to small, igniting an appreciation for “the obvious” and the minute that seems to be missing in a fast-paced world.

For more of his photo collection, visit flickr.com and search Riley Loew.