Picture Plymouth Winner Offers a Whimsical Look at Millennium Garden in Winter

by | Dec 2019

Boy and girl statues in Plymouth's Millennium Garden covered in snow.

Photo: Ann Koktan

This photo by Ann Koktan took third place in the “City Landmarks” category of 2019’s Picture Plymouth photo contest.

This photo, titled “When we were young, we walked to school through the Millennium Garden in three feet of snow, without hats, coats or mittens!” by Ann Koktan took third place in the “City Landmarks” category of 2019’s Picture Plymouth photo contest.

Koktan says, “This is my third year entering the contest. I love taking photos around Plymouth. I don’t need a reason to take photos, but thinking about the contest makes it a fun challenge to try to get unique shots. I feel … fortunate to live in this beautiful city with so many lakes and parks. With all the snow … last winter, I [thought] the Millennium Garden might be just the place to take some … photos. As soon as I saw the boy and girl statues up to their waists in snow, I had a picture in my head of [the times when] I was young and walk[ed] through snow to get to school. I grew up in the small … town of Morris and I heard stories of how my mother would go to school in the country on a sleigh! The ‘When I was young—’ stories tend to get exaggerated over time, so that’s why I [included ‘without hats, coats or mittens’ [in the photo’s title]. The photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy 9+ phone.”


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