Playmore & Prosper

Center has a unique approach to wellbeing of kids and families.
A more comfortable atmosphere at Playmore & Prosper.

When parents, families or children seek counseling and wellness services from Playmore & Prosper, they can expect to find therapy involving activity and expressive arts. Owner and founder T. Rob Winkler says the P&P concept can be illustrated through three approaches: experience, evidence and collaboration.

“Many of our therapists use activity-based, therapeutic techniques, and our wellness classes are designed to facilitate an experience. Experience is truly the best teacher, and we aim to promote experiences that heal and empower,” he says.

We asked Winkler to tell us more about P&P. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

How did you get into this field? What is play therapy?
I worked as a structural engineer for four years. My interest and curiosity of what makes us who we are, and desire to help others more directly, never went away, so I went back to school for psychology. I accepted my first job doing in-home counseling with kids and families and have not stopped working with kids and adolescents.

Play therapy is an approach that meets children where they are. They understand and navigate the world according to sensation far more than by mental understanding. They do not have the vocabulary or ability to wield reason and argument. Using toys, props and activities allows a therapist to meet the child in their own space. Through play, the therapist is able to give the child opportunity to be heard, gain understanding and try new approaches to difficulties.

What led to opening P&P?
Playmore & Prosper is the result of my dream for creating a space intentionally built for play therapy, collaboration with other play therapists while embracing expressive arts therapy. I was lucky enough to be able to design all the interior spaces to be exactly how I wanted them to be, it's intentionally laid out to be a safe space to facilitate expression and healing.

How is P&P’s approach unique?
Evidence keeps us connected to research that informs and guides our work. We host trainings and submit ourselves to feedback and review, allowing our colleagues to observe our methods and work.

P&P believes that interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals develops more creative and effective solutions for care. All our instructors are encouraged to work together to create opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. The attention to detail put into the design of our space, the vision of our methods and the passion of our work, make us unique.

Who typically sees you?
The folks who visit P&P are kids, parents and families who want more. We look to help people become all they can be, to prosper in health and well-being.

We have multiple professionals who have different specialties, including ADHD, mental health, family conflicts, life and health coaching, and crisis and trauma counseling, among other areas.
Currently in our office we have a registered play therapist, an art therapist, a nutrition therapy practitioner and a somatic psychotherapist. We further have yoga instructors, mindfulness teachers and more who collaborate with us.

Can you give a general example of how you've helped a client?
I’ve helped several young people deal with their anxieties. We typically build a “worry bully” and “logical protector” out of Legos in the beginning of our time together. This approach helps to externalize our difficulty, making more clear that anxiety does not define or consume us, but something we can work against and learn to effectively deal with.

To learn more about Playmore and Prosper, and to schedule a free consultation, visit their website here.