Plymouth Writers Workshop Encourages You to Take Your Work to the Next Level

Are you an aspiring writer? Have you been looking for a space to learn and grow in your work? Plymouth Writers Workshop is a writing group for fiction writers in genres such as suspense, romance, mystery, thriller, sci-fi and horror. Attendees gather and offer support and feedback  throughout the writing process.

The group seeks members who can regularly attend meetings and offer some level of commitment to other group members. This includes remembering plot lines, characters and revisions.

“We’re trying to create a writing lab, a safe haven from the writing jungle—a place to nurture experimentation and take chances,” says Skye Smith, a member of the writing workshop.

During meetings, members get a set amount of time to share their work and receive feedback from peers.

If you are considering a membership with the Plymouth Writers Workshop you will need to submit five pages of your work to the group organizers to be reviewed. You will also need to be “unapologetic” about your work and your fiction genre.

This is a venue for writers from all walks of life and a great way to start getting serious about your work.