Prep Elite: Sarah Cao is a Well-Rounded Standout Student

by | Oct 2020

Wayzata High School senior Sarah Cao

Photo: Tate Carlson

Wayzata High School senior Sarah Cao is a motivated, compassionate student.

For students, this time of year brims with new beginnings and fresh challenges. As seniors in high school embark on months of endings and “lasts,” they, too, are preparing for a new transition after high school.

Before it’s time to don the mortarboards, let’s take a moment to give a tip of the hat to this year’s Prep Elite students, who were among students nominated by their schools and chosen by our editorial team. Read about the other students here: Merlyn MayerEvan DimichMae Monette

Sarah Cao, Wayzata High School

“Sarah’s teachers comment on her drive, motivation, work ethic and care and compassion for her fellow students. They emphasize that she listens intently, works meticulously, delights in learning and is a joy to teach … [Sarah] is a well-rounded student, who exemplifies the mission and values of Wayzata High School. She is a member of the state champion synchronized swim team and also earned individual state champion honors. She is captain of the swimming and diving team and has achieved All State honors for her performance. She served as a senate member on the Student Council in 9th and 10th grades and was voted vice president this year. Sarah is a member of the National Honor Society, assists freshmen as a Link Crew leader and engages in the Youth Extending Service Club, earning the Presidential Gold Award in 9th–11th grades. She serves as the DECA vice president of finance and placed third at internationals her sophomore year. To stand out in a school of 3,800 students is a monumental challenge; Sarah Cao has done just that.”  –  Debbie Kimlinger, school counselor

What or who influenced you the most during high school?
Although stereotypical, my mother has undoubtedly influenced me the most throughout my time in high school. My mom has always given me the freedom to make my own decisions and learn from my own mistakes. Without that independence to take my own initiatives, I would not be where I am today. On top of pushing me to take ownership of my own goals, I know that, at the end of the day, she’ll always be one of my most steadfast supporters. – S.C.

Your future in three words: Fulfilling, Purposeful, Happy


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