Prep Elite: Evan Dimich Challenges Himself and Others

by | Oct 2020

Robbinsdale Armstong High School senior Evan Dimich

Photo: Tate Carlson

Robbinsdale Armstrong High School senior Evan Dimich is a leader as both a student and an athlete.

For students, this time of year brims with new beginnings and fresh challenges. As seniors in high school embark on months of endings and “lasts,” they, too, are preparing for a new transition after high school.

Before it’s time to don the mortarboards, let’s take a moment to give a tip of the hat to this year’s Prep Elite students, who were among students nominated by their schools and chosen by our editorial team. Read about the other students here: Mae MonetteSarah CaoMerlyn Mayer

Evan Dimich, Robbinsdale Armstrong High School

“Evan maintains a 4.0 GPA while taking challenging courses such as AP calculus, enriched chemistry and AP U.S. history … I know the hard work Evan puts forth, often doing several hours of homework at night … Evan’s hard work and leadership are also evident in athletics. He is a member of Armstrong’s varsity hockey and golf teams … Having Evan on the team is almost like having another coach. Evan is a strong leader of the team and was voted captain by his peers following his sophomore year. He is often the first to arrive and last to leave practice. He is inclusive of others, especially our younger players, in practice, games and competitions. His hard work leads to success as Evan was named all-conference following his sophomore season … As impressive as Evan is as a student and athlete, what amazes me most is how he treats others. This is where I see him positively contribute to the community firsthand.”  –  John Knutson, varsity golf coach and social studies teacher

What influenced you the most during high school?
During the summer prior to my junior year at Armstrong, I attended the National Student Leadership Conference at the University of California- Berkeley.  This [nine-day] conference was a mix of engineering and leadership courses, workshops and lectures … Not only did I learn a lot about engineering and leadership, but this conference also helped me [get] out of my comfort zone in a college setting.  It forced me to spend time with people I had never met before and built relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. – E.D.

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