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Plymouth Magazine June/July 2022

Summer is a time for block parties, barbecues and fun, and we at Plymouth Magazine like to get in on the excitement with our annual Best of Plymouth issue. For Best of Plymouth 2022, your responses to our write-in poll highlight some of the very best Plymouth has to offer as a community, from good eats and great drinks to trusted professionals and essential services.

Whether you’re circling back after sneaking a peek at this year’s winners and finalists or letting the suspense build before diving into the big reveal, we want to express our thanks to everyone who voted. You’re sure to see some old favorites in the winner’s circle from past years, but for 2022 we took your advice and added some new categories too, including Best Pizza, Best Plant-Based Menu, Best OBGYN and Best Jeweler.

For this issue, I also wanted to delve into Plymouth’s past and see what goes into building such a strong community foundation. You’ll notice a new Noteworthy in the mix contributed by Rebekah Coffman from the Plymouth Historical Society. I was lucky enough to meet Coffman during the course of writing my editor’s picks, which offers a historical tour through Plymouth’s past as well as a sneak peek at its future.

I was also lucky enough to meet many of the past and present leaders of Plymouth’s favorite community recourses over the course of writing my editor’s pick. I would like to thank Cathy Fisher of the Plymouth Library and Diane Evans, Kari Hemp and Jessica Riley of the Plymouth Community Center for their time, insight and enthusiasm in bringing Plymouth’s past to its present.

Without further ado, welcome to the Best of Plymouth 2022.
Until next time,

-Madeline Kopiecki

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