Shake Up Your Get-Fit Plan with These Local Gyms

Is getting exercise among your New Year resolutions?  In and around Plymouth, there are large gyms or more tailored facilities for your workout needs. Here’s a sampling of the gym and workout options:

Life Time Fitness

“What we are providing here is a healthy way of life,” says Ashley Wagner, general manager of the Plymouth Life Time Fitness regarding the uniqueness of the gym. The Life Café offers a range of healthy offerings and the Life Spa allows for relaxation and rejuvenation after a workout. As for the exercise options, Life Time Fitness provides both regular facilities like cycling machines, basketball courts and swimming pools, and more specialized ones including a rock climbing facility.

Various studio classes such as yoga, karate and weightlifting are also included in the membership. Wagner says that what makes Life Time Fitness attractive is its focus on fostering a community among members. Its family-based philosophy also means that kids can be checked into programs particularly designed for them while their parents are working out. In addition, there are fun and new activities all year round to engage the community in committing to a healthy way of life.

YMCA Ridgedale

YMCA Ridgedale in Minnetonka offers personal training, group exercise classes, swim lessons and other great fitness and community building programs. Members are also given access to the fitness center, racquetball courts, aquatics (with a sauna, indoor pool and whirlpool), indoor track and more.

Discover Strength

Discover Strength offers one-on-one or small group strength training. Trainers usually work with clients for 30 to 45 minutes for specially designed exercises. All the trainers have an undergraduate degree in a health or exercise science related field and have gone through internal training in evidence-based exercise at Discover Strength.

Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness

Both gyms offer 24/7 services that allow for maximum flexibility for a client’s schedule. At Anytime Fitness, every member gets a free, personalized Get Started Plan with the support of personal training and classes. At Snap Fitness, membership options are flexible and in line with their commitment to results rather than contracts.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness offers an hour-long, full body workout with a focus on heart rate monitoring. The session is divided into cardio (treadmill and indoor rowing) and strength training, with varying intensity levels according to heart-rate zones. Certified coaches work with members to offer assistance and challenges, making the program suitable for people from all fitness levels. The focus on community also means that members will be coached and helped by staff who care and want them to succeed.

Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

Regardless of age, gender, current fitness level or fitness goals, the thorough 10-week challenge provided by Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping endeavors to get the results customers are looking for. It is a 45-minute, 6 days a week, flexible workout that aims for amazing transformations.

Plymouth Creek Athletic Club

This club provides you with a variety of fitness options that enables you to stay fresh and focused on your goals. Expert personal trainers can help design a customized workout regimen. Massage therapy, tennis camps and swim lessons are also available. Other classes include cardio and strength, boot camp, yoga, Zumba, martial arts, karate and Tai’Chi, boxing, low-impact water aerobics, senior fitness programs and more.

Lagree MSP

Lagree MSP offers group classes, semi-private and private classes (available by appointment only). The range of classes includes Lagree Fundamentals which is great for first timers; Lagree Signature 50 which is a full body workout, exhausting each muscle group and getting your heart rate up; Arms Abs and Glutes that especially focuses on these usually overlooked parts; Mega Ride Combo that combines resistance training and cardio; MSP Ride that provides a fast-paced cardio indoor cycling experience; and Express Ride that aims to plunge participants in fierce motion. It’s also the only studio in Minnesota with the latest edition of the Megaformer, called the M3S.