This Shell-shocked Showdown Took Best in Show in Our Picture Plymouth Photo Contest

by | Jun 2019

A green heron and a turtle face off on a log in a pond.

Photo: Scott Mohn

Plymouth Resident Scott Mohn took “Best in Show” in our 2018 photo contest with “Property Dispute.”

Scott says, “I couldn’t say that there was any one thing that inspired this photo—it was pure serendipity. But five years of patience, persistence and perseverance also played a role here.”

Scott says that being ready with his camera helps him notice the beautiful nature around him.

“Green herons have always been a challenge [to photograph], so to be able to be this close without scaring it away and then to have this little drama take place was very exciting,” says Scott.

Scott says most of his photos are taken within a few miles of his home. He appreciates that Plymouth is home to so much wildlife, and that much of it is accessible to residents to view.

“We’ve lived in Plymouth for 31 years and until six years ago, I never appreciated it,” says Scott.

“Photography has been a life-changing experience and I am so glad I have the opportunity to share it with others,” says Scott.


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