Spice Up Your Garden with These 4 Plant Varieties

by | Jun 2019

A garden featuring hostas, edibles, astilbe and hydrangeas.

Photo: Emily J. Davis

Dundee Nursery and Landscaping suggests a few of their favorite of-the-moment plant varieties.

As this year’s Best Landscape Designer and a finalist for Best Florist, Dundee should be a household name for all things plant-related. From a professional landscape design team to a fresh floral department and full garden center that’s perfect for getting inspiration for your own DIY projects, the company has the people and resources to help bring any idea to completion.

Floral manager Melissa Wachutka and nursery manager Jenna Hackett suggest a few of their favorite of-the-moment plant varieties:

“People always think of hostas—especially in shady areas where nothing else grows!” says Wachutka. “The standard variety is 12-14” in diameter, but there’s a tiny School Mouse and a huge Elephant Ear one.” Try newer, funkier versions like Guacamole or Curly Fry that have interesting varigated colors and funky shapes that look anything but run-of-the-mill.

Try adding herbs or veggies between your flowers to add some variation and practicality, not to mention flavor. Added benefit: when you go out to weed, you can come back with dinner. “Kale has been very popular!” says Wachutka.

A fan favorite, this dramatic, feathery plant has colorful plumes of deep red or pink. Because it’s taller, it does great behind shorter hostas or ground-covering plants to give some height to landscaping beds.

These puffs of long-lasting color in classic white or bold indigo have been a standby for decades in both tree and shrub sizes, but new varieties come on the market frequently. The Summer Crush type is bright pink and very popular.


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