Sunset Fishing (Medicine Lake)

by | Dec 2023

Sunset Fishing (Medicine Lake)

Photo: Scott Anderson

Photographer’s curiosity reveals an aerial Etch A Sketch.

“I was curious what the fish houses looked like from the air. The sun was setting, and it was about 5 [degrees] F outside, so I figured I’d just take a few pictures and get back to the warm car. But when I saw all the random tracks in the snow and long winter shadows, I thought it looked really interesting. I think the long shadows and random lines through the snow make it look like a real life Etch A Sketch. I wasn’t sure if pointing into the sun was a good idea, but when I downloaded the photos that night, I was pleasantly surprised.” —Scott Anderson

Photographer: Scott Anderson
Title: Sunset Fishing (Medicine Lake)
Equipment: DJI Mavic Air drone
Location: West Medicine Lake Park
Category: Activities & Events
Award: First


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