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by | Apr 2024

Gretchen Anthony

Gretchen Anthony. Photo: Chris Emeott

In our February/March 2024 issue, we introduced The Book Haters’ Book Club as the Plymouth READS book pick for April, 2024. For this issue, we sat down with the book’s author, Gretchen Anthony, to learn a little more.

The Maple Grove resident is no stranger to Plymouth. “I like to say, ‘I can see Plymouth from my porch,’ because we’re literally two houses in,” Anthony says. Don’t be surprised if you spot the author at the Plymouth Library either. “When it comes to my books, many scenes have been written in that library, because I go there as a respite,” Anthony says. “It has played a part in all of my books.”

When she found out her book was chosen for the annual community reading event, Anthony says, “I was shocked. I was really surprised and honored, to be honest. This tiny little book of mine keeps chugging along.”

The book in question tells the tale of a Lyn-Lake book store in jeopardy. After the death of one of the co-owners and the decision to sell Over the Rainbow Bookshop by the other, family and friends must rally together to try and save it. “And, as with all my books, insanity ensues,” Anthony says.

True to its title, The Book Haters’ Book Club also offers plenty of recommendations along the way. “[One] thing that people love about this book, I think, is that it’s full of book recommendations,” Anthony says. A monthly newsletter called the Book Haters’ Book Club is woven into the narrative, full of books that appeal specifically to people who aren’t naturally readers.

It will be a busy spring for Anthony. After her author talk for Plymouth READs in April, she celebrates the release of her newest book, Tired Ladies Take a Stand, which comes out May 14.

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Gretchen Anthony
Instagram: @gretchenanthony.writer


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