Support and Socializing for Plymouth Moms

Stay-at-home moms find community with MOMS Club.

Choosing to stay at home when kids are small can provide great satisfaction for moms during that special season of life, but even with all the joy it brings, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. While sometimes moms strike up friendships at the park or playground, or have friends who also are home with their kids, many women find that they seek greater opportunities to connect.

Enter MOMS Club of Plymouth/Wayzata, a nonprofit group for moms who live in the area.

“The main benefit that we provide to stay-at-home moms is support,” says Tabitha Willis, president of the Plymouth/Wayzata chapter of the international organization. Staying at home with young kids can be isolating, especially for families that are transplants from out of town. It can be hard if you come from another state and don’t know people, or what parks and activities there are.”

MOMS Club holds their activities during the day, which is often the time that can feel the most solitary. Activities are for both moms and kids.  During the school year, most of the kids are under kindergarten age. During the summer, older siblings can participate.

There are also occasional social events for moms only, including Moms Night Out, a book club, and a monthly social.