Sweet Eats and a Good Read: 3 Local Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

by | Dec 2020

Nikkolette’s Macarons

Photos: Sarah Dovolos, Jeannine Marie Photography

Plymouth residents and businesses have you covered when it comes to unique hostess gifts, holiday presents or stocking stuffers.

Plymouth residents and businesses have you covered when it comes to unique hostess gifts, holiday presents or stocking stuffers. We culled a few unique items that will we think will score high on the gift satisfaction meter.

Kakookies Cashew Blondie

If any other month screams, “Cookies,” it’s December. With December 4 tagged as National Cookie Day, the month gets off to a sweet start. Plymouth resident Sue Kakuk created Kakookies, nutritious, grab ‘n’ go cookies made with whole grains, plant-based protein and superfood ingredients. Cookie flavors include: almond cranberry, Boundary Waters blueberry, cashew blondie (our editor’s favorite), dark chocolate cranberry and peanut butter chocolate chip.

“They are a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite student, outdoors adventurer or busy young adult. We also offer a number of different gift and variety packs …” says Sarah Pritzker, brand manager. “Not only are they a super fun way to make your favorite holiday cookie exchange a little healthier, but they are perfect if you have someone participating with dietary restrictions,” All of the cookies are vegan and gluten-free, and Boundary Waters blueberry variety is also nut free.

Shop Kakookies at kakookies.comamazon.comWhole FoodsKowalski’sLakewinds Co-op and many others.
Instagram: @Kakookies
Facebook: Kakookies
Twitter: @Kakookies

In other sweet pronunciation news, don’t confuse a macaron (mack-a-ROHN) with a macaroon (mack-a-ROON). Simply, the first confection is made up of two cookies, sandwiching a gooey filling. The other is generally a mounded cookie made with coconut and other ingredients and (sometimes) chocolate.

Nikkolette’s Macarons feature 16 types of gluten free goodness that go a long way in elevating your gift-giving game. The Plymouth-based operation offers variety of gift boxes, macaron towers and more. Consider the macaron of the month, which includes three, five (one month free) or 10 (one month free) levels. Owner Nikkolette Krumheuer, formerly of Plymouth, says a special holiday-flavor set will also be offered.

For shoppers interested in experiential gifts, Krumheuer fits the bill with private macaron baking classes, which take place in your kitchen. “I have done classes from four people to [more than] 20, and it’s a great excuse to get together with friends and family and learn a new art form of making macarons while spending time hanging out,” she says. “And since the class is private, you can relax and maybe enjoy a few cocktails with your own crew.”

The three-hour session (four person minimum) includes a history lesson about the macaron, tips and troubleshooting ideas. (“Most errors occur when baking,” she says.)

Krumheuer lists the chocolate-orange macaron as her favorite. What are her go-to ingredients? The answer to that is like many things this time of year—a secret!

In addition to nikkolettesmacarons.com, macarons are available at MSP Kitchenery, 3425 Highway 169 N. (Extended holiday hours are in place.) and other spots in the Twin Cities; 651.334.8821
Instagram: @nikkolettesmacarons
Facebook: Nikkolette’s Macarons
Twitter: @nikkolettesmacs

Secret Twin Cities Book

Adventure awaits—in a perfect gift. Plymouth’s Julie Jo Severson penned Secret Twin Cities: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure, which unlocks some of the most intriguing and arcane attractions that will broaden your knowledge of local trivia.

“I picked the brains of everyone and anyone, from neighbors and old college friends to archivists and bartenders,” Severson says of researching her book. “And most importantly, I got out and about and rediscovered my hometown.”

“Right away, I decided that I wanted Secret Twin Cities to be not only a fun, quirky guidebook but also a keepsake that makes for an entertaining armchair read loaded with rich, relevant backstories and deep local ties,” Severson says. “That was my compass as I made decisions about what to include.”

The book was released in mid-March, which unintentionally made it a great resource for outdoor social-distancing outings. Now that temperatures are dipping, it gets trickier for her indoor recommendations because re-openings frequently change. Regardless, this book is a keeper for when life reopens!

For more information about the book, go to secrettwincities.com.


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