Think Outside the (Plastic) Box

by | Feb 2021

Old Suitcases Stacked On Top Of Each Other


Organizing can be both decorative and thematic. Think outside the (plastic) box. Creating themes based on things you love personalizes the process and even makes organizing fun.

Do you have a penchant for travel? Utilize luggage tags, hard-sided luggage or antique travel trunks.

Place luggage tags on baskets and bins. Snap a picture of the bins’ contents, and place it where the address normally goes. Attach the tag to the bin or basket. This is helpful for toys and pantry items. If you have small children, start with a picture of the contents, and graduate to words when they start learning to read. 

Trunks are perfect for storing bedding and blankets and are handy inside by an exterior door to store shoes and use as a seat to put on/take off shoes.

Stack the hard-sided luggage to create a side table and use for hidden storage.

Kira Vanderlan operates Zestful Design, an organization and interior design company, focusing on mindfulness.


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