Tips for Your Next Family Photo Shoot

by | Apr 2023

Mom and children getting ready for a family photoshoot.

Pexels/Ron Lach

Family photos are a great way to preserve memories with loved ones. Being a personal stylist, I have helped many families with photos. To make sure your family photo session is a success, try some of these styling tips:

  • Pick a theme unique to your family. For example, if you’re big sports fans and have a favorite team, incorporate that team’s colors or jerseys into your photo. This will encapsulate your group’s unique personality and spark memories of fun times spent together.
  • Pick one to three colors to thread throughout your group’s clothing choices. Think of it like a plaid blanket. Not all colors have to be the same, but having a few similar shades will help your eyes move throughout the photo and provide a unified style. Have people of special interest (like grandma, for example) in the brightest color.
  • Try to avoid clothing logos. Name brands on T-shirts and jackets can be distracting and can even have reflective properties that cause glare in a photograph. This is not a good look when trying to preserve a lasting memory.

Planning a family or group photo can feel overwhelming. However, by keeping these suggestions in mind, you can make the process a little easier and make a lasting impression for years to come.

Nikki Steele is a stylist serving the Plymouth community and more. For more style tips, follow her on Instagram @nikkisteelestyle, or visit


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