Warm Weather Men’s Fashion Must-haves from The Foursome

by | Aug 2020

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Plymouth’s best apparel boutique offers fresh takes on warm weather menswear.

After a spring spent cocooning at home and a socially-abbreviated summer, we’re all in the mood for extending the summer for as long as possible. To help men, who are on the lookout for sharp, warm weather looks, we turned to The Foursome Fine Menswear with our fashion quandaries and queries.

Michael Engel, an owner, is the store’s buyer. Nicole Chose, marketing director and an owner, weighs in on returning summer standards and a few new arrivals.

For a head-to-toe look, let’s start with shirts. “We’re seeing a lot of printed shirts,” says Chose, pulling as examples the all-over-print patterned polos from Greyson. A lighter color palette has returned, too, with pastels that run the rainbow from coral, papaya and citrus to opal and fern. “That said,” Chose says, “Guys will always buy blue.”

Alright, but how are these shirts being worn this summer/fall—tucked or untucked? “You can go both ways on this one,” Chose says. Some brands, like Johnnie-O and Strive, have tuckable and untucked versions. For dressier occasions, Chose says to err on tidy and tuck in the shirt.

While shorts and swim trunks are trending slightly shorter this season, Chose says a 10-inch inseam remains standard in the Midwest. What’s more, swim trunks are clearly following the lead of shirts in pastels and all-over patterns. The Foursome carries a wide range of options from Johnnie-O, arrayed in a variety of light, organic-inspired tessellations.

As for footwear that can be spotted traveling from the office to restaurant patios, Chose advises dress shoes with sneaker bottoms, which are great for versatility and comfort.

With new wardrobe candidates lining up in the closet, it’s time to talk about what to retire from the racks to make space. “Fit has changed,” Chose says. “Dress and casual shirts are trimmer fitting and often offer stretch for comfort of movement. Pants are also slimmer, especially in the lower leg and worn slightly shorter in general. Suits and sport coats follow a similar rule, less boxy and coats worn shorter.”

“That being said,” Chose says, “There are plenty of options for guys of all body types to look great and be comfortable in modern-fitting menswear.”

Five from Foursome

Shop the top five must-haves for warmer weather.

  1. 34 Heritage commuter pant
  2. Tasc bamboo blend T-shirt
  3. TravisMathew performance short
  4. Mizzen+Main short-sleeve, button-down shirt
  5. Dress shoe with sneaker bottom

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