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by | Jun 2021

June/July 2021 Plymouth Magazine

Welcome to the most anticipated issue of the year—the Best of Plymouth annual readers’ poll results, showcasing community members’ favorite businesses and services, and, in my estimation, this issue can’t come soon enough.

While our magazine has always supported “all things local,” including commerce, municipal programs, professional services and community residents, our staff is particularly eager this year to highlight anything, everything and anyone, who has made living through this recent pandemic somewhat bearable, at times delightful and often wonderful.

We await the results of our readers’ poll almost as much as the nominees and write-in candidates because we’re eager to read about where you like to go for dining, shopping, personal and medical services and much more. So, without further ado … The winners are waiting for you here.

Don’t forget to visit Best of 2021 Editor’s Picks, where you’ll find my Editor’s Picks, which offer the spotlight to people or programs that don’t fall into the traditional categories in our readers’ poll.

While thinking about what I would highlight, “share the wealth” kept resurfacing in my thoughts. What do those three words really mean? If nothing else, this past year and a half afforded us time to reflect and take stock of how we live and who/what we appreciate.

This year, with the help of community members, I showcase people and programs that truly share their wealth in a number of ways. Sometimes it’s a much-needed, hot meal; other times it’s a book title to elicit meaningful conversation. How about a site that shares beautiful, peaceful photographs or a band of women who understand what it means to “love your neighbor?” It even includes a group dedicated to raising awareness about homelessness and ensuring that everyone has a safe, warm place to rest his/her head a night.   

Best of Plymouth—you have that right. There’s a lot to be proud of in this community, and it all begins with you.

Until next time,

-Renée Stewart-Hester

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