Beautyholic owner Hanna Puckett loves making people feel beautiful

Beautyholic owner Hanna Puckett loves making people feel beautiful

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and love what they see when they look in the mirror. Beautyholic Salon owner Hanna Puckett’s services are designed to help shape her clients into a more confident, beautiful version of themselves. 

Puckett's passion for beauty started at an early age. “As a child, I was always very passionate about makeup and hair and nails,” Puckett says. “And when I got to that age, it was something that I loved.” As she grew up, she used her passion to create a career for herself. She attended PCI Academy in Plymouth, where she earned her cosmetology degree. From there, she did a year-long apprenticeship at Spalon Montage in Chanhassen. Now Puckett has been working in the beauty field for over 12 years. She opened Beautyholic Salon in June 2017. 

“I wanted to open my own salon because I wanted to offer things that I truly believed in,” Puckett says. “And with so many years in the industry, you get to a point where you kind of want to work for yourself.” Being the sole proprietor of Beautyholic Salon allows Puckett to pick and choose what she finds most interesting. “I am huge at offering services that I would only personally do myself,” Puckett explains. Puckett continues to learn the latest trends and techniques by attending beauty workshops regularly. 

Beautyholic’s offerings include hair services, hair extensions, body waxing, airbrush makeup, facials and eyelash tints and extensions. “I love doing extensions,” Puckett says. “I love seeing the transformation.” Waxing is another of Puckett’s specialties. With seven years of experience working for the European Wax Center in Burnsville and Wax It! in Minneapolis, Puckett is an expert. “I’ve done a lot of reading on face shapes and how the brows really alter the face,” Puckett says. “I start by taking off minimal and then progressively take more because obviously, you can’t put it back on, but we can take more off.” 

YouTube is one of Puckett’s biggest sources of inspiration. She says that YouTube has taught her that “it truly is ‘practice makes perfect.’ You see these people,” Puckett says. “You watch them literally become famous. I followed some people on YouTube from nothing to something.” 

Puckett says that the atmosphere and the more personal approach at Beautyholic Salon is what makes it stand out from other salons. “You don’t have the loud noises of constant blow dryers going and conversation and a crazy-operated, busy salon,” Puckett says. “It’s more one-on-one and private, so it’s more personalized.” 

It's clear that for the 12 years that Puckett has been in the beauty industry, she has taken her passion and talents and created a safe place for people to come and truly feel beautiful. Judging from online reviews, Puckett has something of a cult following, so it’s clear that her clients feel just as passionate about her. 

“I love making people feel better about themselves and when you look good, you feel good. So that’s the rewarding part of my job,” Puckett says.