Cowboy Jack’s Jesi Mosny

Cowboy Jack’s Jesi Mosny shares why this restaurant has become a popular Plymouth hangout.

This month we speak with Jesi Mosny, director of marketing for the After Midnight Group (AMG) that opened Cowboy Jack’s in spring 2009. Mosny was the original manager of the restaurant and until recently ran the marketing department out of the Plymouth restaurant.Plymouth Magazine: What’s your favorite food on the menu? Jesi Mosny: It depends on my mood, but I love the cornbread with cinnamon honey butter. I also love the mini tater tot hotdish, and our Bison burgers are awesome. As for dessert, our salted caramel turtle cake is definitely one of my favorite items.PM: What’s your favorite local band? JM: Javier Trejo has been playing with us since the day we opened, and he is both an awesome musician and an awesome person. PM: Can you share a story about the customers at the Plymouth location? JM: What can I say about them besides “they are amazing.” Patriot Guard members, local business people, families, construction workers—we really have a broad mix of guests. I can’t tell you how good it feels to walk into Cowboy Jack’s Plymouth, and see one of our loyal guests, and know I’ll be getting a big bear hug shortly, and they will be asking me all about life, telling me how much they miss seeing me all the time and genuinely mean it. I’m so thankful for all of them. PM: How many years have you worked for Cowboy Jacks? JM: I have worked for The After Midnight Group (which owns and operates Cowboy Jack’s) for five wonderful years in October.PM: Why open the first Cowboy Jack’s restaurant here?JM: There are so many reasons. The AMG owners really loved the Plymouth area: great demographics, a very involved and tight-knit community, and they liked the location of the building. When looking for new locations, they really look for cities with very active communities, as that is very important to them and us as a whole. We like to be very involved. The After Midnight Group is very hands-on; they really care about what they are doing and really care about our guests, which is part of the reason I think Cowboy Jack’s has been so successful. PM: How many additional locations have you opened since? JM: The After Midnight Group has opened five more Cowboy Jack’s, as well as Cowboy’s Saloon in Circle Pines, Minn.  It’s challenging and exciting. We also created and bottled our Cowboy Jack’s Cowboy Ketchup and Cowboy Jack's BBQ Sauce, which are available in all Lunds and  Byerly’s locations. It's always a thrill to walk in and see your product on the shelves. PM: What’s your favorite drink? JM: If you see me out, I usually have a Michelob Golden Light in my hand or a Captain Coke. My shot of choice is any Irish whiskey. Nothing is better than a good old fashioned, either. PM: What events do you like to attend in Plymouth? JM: Last year I golfed in the Plymouth Fire and Rescue Golf Tournament, which was a blast. We sponsored it and made Cowboy Jack’s golf polos for all the golfers. I hope to be a part of that on September 28 at Fire Station II – it starts at 9 a.m.  I’ve run the Plymouth Firefighters 5K, attended Music in Plymouth and many other things.