Hailey Vollbrecht

West Lutheran’s Hailey Vollbrecht balances being captain of three teams with her other extracurricular roles.

Hailey Vollbrecht’s go-to response to most questions is, “Why not?!” This was her first response when she was asked to join a sport in third grade. Now, as a senior at West Lutheran High School, Vollbrecht has stuck with her go-get-’em attitude and joined basketball, tennis, softball, Student Council, traveling choir, theater and National Honor Society.

What do you enjoy about being involved in so many activities? I love singing, so I auditioned for a traveling choir called Western Accents. With sports, I love the team aspect and having my teammates to play and bond with through physical activity. With Student Council, I get the community aspect, and I love planning and coordinating things for the school.

How have you managed all of your sports at once? Honestly, I write everything down that I have going on. I keep a planner, so I have my schedule on that, and I try to keep a routine of waking up at the same time every morning—things like that. I realize that I can’t plan a lot more around what I have going on, so I keep it to a minimum, especially with the extracurriculars, and school work always comes first.

What are you focusing most on this year? This year, I’m captain for tennis, basketball and softball; I’ve needed to focus on the team most of my time and being a leader.

What activities do you hope to carry on throughout college? If there was a choir I could join in college, I definitely would. I’m unsure if I’d continue with sports. I also hope to get involved in a Student Council type of organization, because I love organizing things. I also really want to go into fashion merchandising, because I love to dress up and have always had an eye for fashion—it’s exactly what I want to do.