Minnesota Dermatology Offers Tips on Skincare during the Winter Months

Dry, irritated skin is common during the winter—drier air is an obvious culprit, but seasonal skincare is also different. Luckily, Dr. Phil Ecker of Minnesota Dermatology has some tips to keep your skin healthy.

Winter skincare begins when you enter and exit the shower. To ensure long-term care, keep showers short and lukewarm.

Another simple post-shower option is to pat dry skin. Doing so helps the skin to retain moisture while allowing the excess to evaporate naturally.

Purchasing a moisturizing bath or shower oil is another tip that really makes a difference. “I like Eucerin,” Ecker says. “It’s cleansing as well as hydrating.”

In addition to a bath or shower oil, apply a moisturizing cream over a lotion. Daily, neck-down application is recommended.

Lastly, use a “free” detergent. “Tide Free, All Free and Cheer Free lack fragrances and preservatives that are linked to skin irritation,” he says. Another option is to eliminate fabric softener, which might cause skin irritation from preservatives or added fragrances.