Picture Plymouth: Sisterly Love

Capturing a sibling bond.
First Place People & Families by Jennifer MacCourt

Jennifer MacCourt developed a passion for photography out of the necessity of her job as a pattern tester. “I used to hire photographers to test the patterns for me, but that gets really expensive. So I decided to do it myself,” she says. Since then, her two girls have become the models for most of her brilliant shots.

Sisterly Love, the winner of the People & Families category of the Picture Plymouth contest, was taken during one of MacCourt’s pattern-testing journeys. “I knew I wanted a garden setting because the fabric of the dresses I was testing was floral,” she recalls, “and I picked Noerenberg Garden because almost no one is ever there.”

Out of the numerous photos taken on that day, the tender and natural affection between the girls displayed in this particular picture made MacCourt enter it in the competition. “It is just a really sweet moment between the two girls,” she fondly remembers.

Two years after her first professional photographic attempt, MacCourt is still most keen on taking pictures of people. “You never know what you are gonna get,” she says.