4 Tips for a Stress-free Home Remodel

A kitchen remodeled by J Brothers Home Improvement

Home remodels are often less costly than moving. And whether it’s a complete overhaul or a smaller-scale refresh, remodeling is a great way to increase resale value or improve your home’s functionality and appearance to fit changing tastes or stages of life.

The Kitchen Is Where It’s At

Is your outdated kitchen leaving you uninspired when you cook? You’re not alone. Homeowners are redoing their kitchens as never before. Granite counters, restaurant-style stoves and custom-built cabinets are high on the wish list for many remodelers as they look to upgrade their homes with the latest gourmet features and comforts.

Here’s a look at two projects in Plymouth where homeowners worked with designers to give their kitchens a facelift.

Making the kitchen the center of the home

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