A Local Author is Featured for Plymouth READS 2024

by | Feb 2024

Author Gretchen Anthony

Photo: Chris Emeott

We’re excited to announce that The Book Haters’ Book Club by Gretchen Anthony is the book selection for Plymouth READS 2024. “It’s going to be a big deal,” says Plymouth READS chair LuAnn Svendsen. “She doesn’t just live in Minnesota. She lives here,” Svendsen says.

Anthony, a Maple Grove resident by technicality (her house is two houses down on the border between Maple Grove and Plymouth), considers herself a Plymouth person. “Plymouth Library is her library,” Svendsen says. Suffice to say, we’ll extend her honorary residency.

Since 2010, Plymouth READS has hosted a community read event in April that celebrates a Minnesota author. “We’re trying to find a book that has appeal but also has some meat to it,” Svendsen says.

Book haters' Book Club

The Book Hater’s Book Club tells the story of a local bookshop in crisis. When beloved co-owner Elliot passes away suddenly, his grief-stricken business partner, Irma, needs to reckon with the grim prospect of selling Over the Rainbow Bookshop to developers. Luckily, family and friends rally around the shop to preserve Elliot’s legacy any way they can, be it snooping, gossiping or engaging in something a bit more extreme.

Plymouth READS will provide 100 copies of the novel, which can be found at the Plymouth Library, to the community. “People can swing by and pick up a copy, and then the idea is that they read it and pass it on to a neighbor, a friend, a family member,” Svendsen says. There will also be a few large print copies circulated around local senior living communities.

Visit plymouthreads.org to learn more.


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