Working in a Winter Wonderland

by | Feb 2024

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Photo: Janet Grover-Manthey

A sneaky shot creates a new memory.

“Ever since I had kids, I learned very quickly that I have very little control over their willingness to participate in my photography shenanigans. I’ve had to practice being in the right place at the right time. This photo is an example of that. My son was far too interested in his snow raking to put up with my desire to capture the perfect image. But I was patient, and eventually, I was rewarded with a smile that was definitely not intended to be for a photo but was instead a genuine reflection of his happiness at that moment.”—Janet Grover-Manthey

Photographer: Janet Grover-Manthey
Title: Working in a Winter Wonderland
Equipment: Samsung Galaxy S22
Location: The Grover-Mantheys’ front yard.
Category: People
Award: First Place


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