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by | Apr 2021

April/May 2021 Plymouth Magazine

Throw open the windows of your spirit; April is here!

Hopefully, each passing month brings us to another level of appreciation for what we have endured and held onto and hope for what we can achieve and celebrate in a world that has repeatedly and, in some cases unmercifully so, challenged us.

Resurrection is on the horizon, be it spiritually, emotionally, physically or even in terms of businesses, which have been hit hard over the last year and forced to pivot as the pandemic ebbed and flowed its way through many people’s families and livelihoods.

It’s time for us to till the soil and replant with the promise of fruitful and glorious lives—starting now!

I hope this issue helps you along your way. Planning to embrace the local outdoors? We’ll show where to find some great “adventure” clothing and a spot to stop for a brew along a local trail. Are you as eager as I am to dig in and plant fresh flowers and some container gardens for yourself or friends and family? Check out some beautiful pottery containers that will elevate your plantings to a fresh creative level. Need a feel-good story? We’ve got one that features a family, separated by continents and COVID, that found a way to bring purpose and a smile to their mother. We didn’t forget about your pets, who’ve been tried and true all these months. Check out the piece about pet-friendly landscaping and public play areas. Can we agree that our pets deserve extra special playtime after all they’ve done to love us throughout this past year?

Until next time,

-Renée Stewart-Hester, editor

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