Beautiful Bunting

by | Apr 2021

Pop of Color photograph by Deb Ranney

Photo: Deb Ranney

Camelot wins the heart of local birder.

Pop of Color placed third in the Wildlife and Nature category of our annual photo contest.

Deb Ranney was at Lake Camelot when she took the picture. “I was birding [and] had spotted the bunting high in a tree,” the Plymouth resident says. “I stood still watching him, hoping he would come closer, and, after about five minutes, he did fly down to the field I was standing near.”

“I like the beautiful color of the bunting and the corrosion of the grass he landed on. The lighting was perfect. There is hardly any editing on this photo,” Ranney says.

While her favorite spot for birding in Plymouth is Lake Camelot, Ranney also enjoys checking out the wildlife at Three Ponds Park. “We are fortunate to have these resources in Plymouth as I have seen so many species of birds at these two parks,” she says.


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