Easy Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

by | Apr 2020

A home with rooms designed by Studio M Interiors.

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Refresh your living space with these tips and tricks.

Summer is time for carefree fun and entertaining, so why not make the most of your home décor to make summer even better? “Summer is short-lived, so I think people should think big,” says Jennifer Severson, interior designer at Studio M Interiors. “Think bright, bold and whimsical.”

Trends fade in and out, so the seasons are a great time to take advantage of chic fads, and make them your own. Severson says people take renewed pride in their spaces when something is new, changed or refreshed in a way that suits their needs. “I think decorating is a way for people to show their personality and for them to be proud of their home,” Severson says.

Severson offers easy tips and tricks to get any home summer ready.

Studio M Interiors Bedroom

From Square One

Severson says that because we are home so little in the summer, it is important to have everything in place, ready for anything from entertaining to relaxing. To start, take spring cleaning seriously. Purge excess items, wash windows to let in more light, rearrange furniture and organize items in a way that feels effortless and inviting.

Invest in Your Space

People are often hesitant about hiring a designer because they believe that it will be too expensive. In reality, Severson says that it is the designer’s job to work with a client’s needs in a way that is most effective for the space and their budget. “We understand where you might make an investment that will make a statement. We are capable of doing things that you might not otherwise think of,” Severson says.

If working with a designer isn’t for you, Severson suggests looking at the items that you already have in your home to make the most of your resources. Some pieces could be repurposed with something as simple as a coat of paint or a change of knobs. Sometimes, the item just needs to be moved to a different room—what look goods in one space, may look even better in another.

Expanding Space

Incorporate outdoor space whenever possible because entertainment environments can nearly double in size during warmer months.

In order to make the most of outdoor venues, think about how you use your space the most, whether it is for entertaining, grilling, dining or lounging. By establishing usage priorities, work to create a place that is best suited for your lifestyle.

Optimize livability and comfort with patio furniture, including a comfortable seating arrangement or dining table. To enhance the look, decorate the outdoor space with string lights, weatherproof pillows or a woven rug to add a warming touch.

Incorporate plants, adding a variation of color, texture and a sense of new life to any space. Or create your own herb garden—herbs are can be decorative and fragrant.

Studio M Interiors Kitchen


Keep spaces vibrant, and trade in deep winter teals, grays and okras for bright blushes, mint greens and burnt oranges. To balance these bold shades, veer toward warmer-toned neutrals like taupe, beige, “greige” (gray-toned browns) and nature-based colors like walnut and oak. While incorporating a variety of color adds more interest, it must be balanced.

When refreshing your color palette, abide by the rule of three: pick one main color, a contrast color and a color to highlight. For example, a taupe chair as the main warm neutral color, a blush throw blanket as the contrast color and a patterned floral pillow with mint green as the highlight color.


Large-scale floral prints draw in fresh elements from the season and diversify the landscape of the space. Use these nature-inspired prints to bring in interest and an easy pop of color.

Consider 1980s-inspired geometric styles, which are sophisticated, yet edgy. They can be used in a variety of ways through varied shapes and sizes and are a great way to add color and dimension to any room.

Small-scale boutique-like patterns add unique playfulness to home environs. Incorporate shapes that have a favorite item (animals, plants, etc.) or interests on them for a personalized touch.


Keep things light and bright. Swap out heavy cable knit, Sherpa fur and fleece blankets and throws for light linens and woven textiles. During the summer, Severson says that lighter textures are an easy way to keep up with trends, add interest and refresh your home without breaking the bank.

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