Local Writers Skewer Corporate Culture with ‘B.S. Incorporated’ Novels

by | Aug 2019

Michael Voss, who co-authored "B.S. Incorporated" and "Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S. Incorporated Novel" with Jennifer Rock

Photo: Michael Voss

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss met in the corporate world, and they’ve used their experience to write a pair of books on the absurdity of corporate life.

When Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss met while working in the communications department of a large corporation headquartered in the Twin Cities, they realized they shared the same views on the absurdities of corporate life.

“We were both working on projects with a lot of bureaucracy and absurdity,” says Voss, a Plymouth resident. “We were sitting in a long, soul-crushing meeting, and we decided to leave and go to a nearby bar’s patio. We started trading stories about all the crazy things we’ve seen.”

They soon realized they shared the same dream—to write a book about the ridiculous things they had seen in their corporate lives. “We pinky swore we’d collaborate to write it,” Voss said.

In May 2016, they published their first book, B.S. Incorporated. In October 2018, they published Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S. Incorporated Novel.

Voss says, “Operation Clusterpuck tells the story of a giant Midwestern corporation that’s dealing with a self-inflicted crisis…. You’ll meet quirky … middle managers who determine there’s something fatally wrong with the plan, and they … band together to figure out how to save the company.”

Operation Clusterpuck is published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Paperbacks are available at all Barnes & Noble stores in the Twin Cities, and can be ordered online through amazon.comrockandvossbooks.comtarget.com and walmart.com. The e-book is available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble.


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