Plymouth Mom’s Online Boutique Offers High-quality, Organic Kids’ Clothing

by | Aug 2019

A child models organic clothes from online boutique Lulie Kids.

Photo: Lulie Kids

Lulie Kids carries organic kids’ clothing brands like Turtledove London, Finn + Emma and more.

In December 2018, opening an online boutique for kids’ clothing was a natural choice for Plymouth mom Lindsay Gust. She and her husband had welcomed their fourth child, and they realized it would be some years before she would return to working outside the home.

“I love clothes and shopping, and it fits with the stage our family is in,” says Gust. Gust can usually do same-day shipping, and she also helps parents meet emergency clothing needs—she once delivered clothing to a busy mom when family photos were scheduled for the next day. She also does popup shops with other small businesses.

“Our oldest daughter is very particular about textures in clothing, so everything we have is very comfortable, very soft. Our goal is to offer things kids enjoy wearing. Most brands we stock offer clothes made with organic and sustainably-grown cotton and bamboo, which are the most comfortable and breathable,” says Gust.

“Organic cotton tends to get softer with washing and lasts longer. And it’s more sustainable,” says Gust. Because the clothes are high quality, they can be handed down instead of thrown away.

Brands that Lulie Kids offers include Turtledove London, Finn + Emma and more.

Lulie Kids clothes don’t just look and feel great—the company does good, too. With every purchase at Lulie Kids, Lulie Kids will donate a onesie to a local charity.

Lulie Kids
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