The Minnesota Dermatology Clinic Has Room to Grow at Their New Location

by | Nov 2015

Dermatologist Dr. Phil Ecker in Minnesota Dermatology’s new space.

Dermatologist Dr. Phil Ecker in Minnesota Dermatology’s new space. Photo: Marissa Martinson

The pros at Plymouth’s best, Minnesota Dermatology, offer insight into seasonal skincare.

The practice and doctors who were voted Plymouth’s best dermatology clinic in 2015 have a little more elbow room in their new location. Across from the Life Time Fitness in the Plymouth Creek Professional Building, Minnesota Dermatology has a space to grow into (and more parking, too). “We like it a lot,” says Dr. Phil Ecker, the clinic’s founder. “It’s a much bigger space … a little bit bigger than we need.”

The practice currently has 12 staff members—three providers (two physician assistants and one physician), five certified medical assistants and four office assistants—all who help see nearly 100 patients on some of their busiest days. They’ll add a fourth provider in two years when Ecker’s brother Sam finishes his residency. “[My favorite part] is definitely the patients,” Ecker says. “Knowing them, asking about their trips and surprising patients with how much I remember.”

Ecker’s demeanor isn’t the only welcoming aspect of the practice—the décor is a standout, making patients feel at home, even during a doctor’s visit. “It feels like Minnesota to me,” Ecker says. “I think it’s important coming into a clinic that’s not too intimidating.”

Skin Care Tips:
As a general rule of thumb, Dr. Phil Ecker says always wearing sunscreen is “paramount,” but harsh Minnesota winters bring a different host of problems. Here are a few of Ecker’s recommendations.

  • Keep it fragrance-free. Scented lotions and body washes are “notorious for causing irritation.” Even so-called “unscented” products can contain fragrance-masking chemicals.
  • Pat dry after showering. Patting instead of rubbing a towel over your skin helps prevent moisture loss.
  • Moisturize at least after every shower. Lotions are great, but Ecker says creams are even better.

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