Minnesota Native Proves That an Enjoyable Hobby Can Indeed Be Profitable

Bernadette Able, host of the popular Minnesota doll show, “Dolls & Toys & Bears, Oh My!,” is gearing up for her ninth annual fall show and sale. The event includes 40 vendors, appealing to doll collectors from near and far by selling everything from vintage Barbie dolls and teddy bears to handmade doll clothing and the latest doll fashions.

The original idea for the show came from an unexpected source, Able’s teenage son.  After attending a few doll shows where Able was quite unimpressed with the selection and turnout, her son suggested idea that she start her own show. Through extensive research, eBay shopping and doll repair, Bernadette did just that. She prides herself on what her show offers doll collectors throughout the Midwest.

A diverse crowd attends Able’s dolls shows, with collectors ranging in age from 20-somethings to 80-somethings, with men, women and kids alike. Able enjoys the doll-collecting  community.

“My mom once said to me, ‘Bernadette, at your age, you are still playing with dolls?’ and I said right back to her, ‘Yes, what a nice way to spend my time!’” says Bernadette, who is now living her dream after turning a fun hobby into an enjoyable career.

Dolls & Toys & Bears, Oh My! Doll Show and Sale
October 14, 2018
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Adults: $5
Children 12 and under: free
Crowne Plaza Hotel
3131 Campus Dr., Plymouth