Plymouth-based Multimedia Artist Natalia Berglund Makes Her Mark

Shielded Warriors (Freya and Nina).

Meet multi-disciplinary visual artist and Plymouth resident Natalia Berglund. This past August and September, she had a solo show at the Museum of Russian Art. An original musical soundscape by composer Alexander Berglund (Berglund’s husband) accompanies the exhibit.  Other venues where Berglund has exhibited her work include Rosalux Gallery, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, and the Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis.

Berglund was born in Minsk, Belarus, and attended the highly regarded Minsk Art Lyceum, where she studied classical drawing and painting techniques. After graduating from the Lyceum, Berglund moved to Minneapolis. She earned a degree in graphic design from the University of Minnesota.

“Observer,” the work above, was part of Berglund’s last show.  Berglund created this work with oil, acrylic, gold leaf, collage on canvas. Berglund describes this piece as a combination of elements from religious iconography and abstract contemporary techniques.  One interpretation of the piece, Berglund says, is modern life and the need to maintain focus in a world with so many things competing for our attention. But she hopes the audience will form their own interpretation of her art.

Stay tuned for next month’s feature about Berglund and her work.