Plymouth’s Historic Town Hall Gets Fresh Look

by | Aug 2020

Plymouth's historic town hall

Photo: The City of Plymouth

The City of Plymouth and the Plymouth Historical Society have begun another rehabilitation phase for the historic building.

“We live not alone in the present but also in the past and future … ” So begins History of Hennepin County (1881), highlighting the founding years of today’s City of Plymouth.

Early town meetings took place in local homes, businesses and schools. Just four years after the book’s publication, land along Plymouth Creek was donated for Plymouth’s first dedicated town hall. Its foundation was constructed of local fieldstone, with the timber frame superstructure constructed of materials from lumber mills in northeast Minneapolis.

This humble white frame building functioned as the town’s primary meeting hall until the early 1960s. Through Plymouth Historical Society preservation efforts, the building underwent a rehabilitation project in 1978-79.

Under a shared sense of stewardship, the City of Plymouth and the historical society began another rehabilitation phase. In 2019, the building’s roof was reshingled and façade restored. This work will be enhanced in 2020 through assessing and implementing programming and display options, accompanied by interior rehabilitation projects.


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