A Quick and Easy Wine Education

by | Aug 2022

Two wine glasses filled with white wine.

Pexels/Valeria Boltneva

Sip and learn.

Here’s the secret to wine education: Drink wine. It is that easy.

There are two rules to follow.

Drink what you like. Someone might tell you how special, elite, unique or expensive a wine is, but
if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

Try new things. Even if you say, “I don’t like chardonnay,” I bet you have not tried all of the thousands of types from around the world. Chances are, you will find one you like. One of my favorite sayings is: “Travel the world of wine, and your corkscrew is your passport.”

Evaluate your wine education. Try some of these varieties: tempranillo from Spain (El Circo); rosé from Croatia (Korta Katarina rosé or plavac mali and zinfandel grapes); and white wines from the Rhône region of France, including Chapoutier blanc.

John F. Farrell III is vice president of sales and merchandising with Haskell’s The Wine People. Find more at haskells.com.


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