Back to School: Book Edition

by | Aug 2022

Book covers for Blended and The Doughnut Fix.

Blended (left) and The Doughnut Fix (right)

Get young students back into the swing of reading with these book picks.

With summer’s end fast approaching, it is a great time to stock up on kids’ books to get geared up for school. Here are a variety of options for children of all ages.

Toddler/ Early Elementary options:

High Five by Adam Rubin is an interactive book perfect for kids learning how to high five. It tells the story of a high five competition between you and different animals, so be prepared for lots of high fives throughout the book. This one is a favorite in our house.

Where’s the Dog? by Nosy Crow is a lift-the-flap book with bright colored felt flaps, making it easy for babies to participate. If dogs are not your thing, this is a series, and you can find a different animal, object or career that suits you.

You are Brave by Todd Snow and illustrated by Melodee Strong. This board book is focused on inner strength, with tangible examples of bravery, such as meeting a new person, sharing toys and trying a new food. And the author and illustrator are both from Minnesota.

It’s Not the Stork by Robie H. Harris is perfect if your kids are at the age where they are asking, “Where do babies come from?” and you want to give them the real answer. This is a book about the human body and should be vetted by parents, to ensure appropriateness for your family.

Nobody Likes A Booger by Angela Halgrimson (another Minnesota author) is a cute picture book to deter kids from picking their noses and instead use a tissue
for their boogers.

Older Elementary/ Middle Grade options:

Blended by Sharon Draper follows 11-year-old Izzy whose parents are getting divorced. This is a great fiction novel about the struggles of getting pulled in multiple directions.

The Doughnut Fix by Jessie Janowitz juxtaposes the heavy challenge of moving with the love of doughnuts. When 12-year-old Tristan realizes his new town doesn’t sell donuts, he sets out to change that.

From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks stars 12-year-old Zoe who has never met her imprisoned dad. Zoe starts writing letters to him both get to know him and to support her belief that he is innocent.

Investigators by John Patrick Green is a delightful series that follows an investigating duo of alligators. These goofy graphic novels follow the alligators through toilets and sewers as they deftly solve nefarious mysteries.

Local bookworms Katie Timcho and Amy Sundet run the book blog @overbookedmoms on Instagram.


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