So Good So You

by | Aug 2021

single-serving, fresh-pressed probiotic juices

Photo: So Good So You

Give your health a shot in the arm.

“We wanted to create something that made an impact in the world, more than what we could do as individuals,” says Golden Valley’s Rita Katona of the motivation behind So Good So You. “We are passionate about helping people be healthy and supporting the environment through sustainable initiatives.”

Combining clean whole foods with bright, bold flavor, the beverage company offers single-serving, fresh-pressed probiotic juices and juice shots that target digestive and immune health.

“Everything is function driven,” co-owner Katona says about the purpose behind each juice. “We want to make everything delicious because we want this to be a lifestyle, something that people can incorporate into their rituals and routines because that is how positive, lasting change can happen.”

Founded in 2014 by Katona and her husband, Eric Hall, the company began as a way to provide healthy and effective solutions for people and the environment. Using certified organic ingredients, So Good So You makes its juice, then pressurizes it to extract essential fibers, kill bacteria and create an optimally nutrient product that is easier to absorb through the lining of the stomach and intestines after consumption.

Founders of So Good So You

Its juices are manufactured out of So Good So You’s zero-waste, renewable-energy powered facility in Minneapolis. In addition, the company became the first in the industry to launch BtrBtl™ or better bottle, a container that looks similar to a plastic bottle but biodegrades in a landfill at an accelerated rate. Instead of typical plastic taking several hundred years to break down, the BtrBtl™ can do so in just five to seven years.


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