Urban Eve Forecasts Glowing Spring Styles

by | Feb 2024

Salon owner shares top trends for spring hair, fashion and more.

At this time of year, it’s natural to start craving some warmth. While daylight savings time springs our clocks forward an hour on March 10 this year, there’s an easy way to infuse your life with some extra sun-inspired brightness even earlier than that.

Urban Eve owner Katie Salsbery says all signs point toward warmth this spring, from hairstyles to fashion choices. Think sun-kissed; think coastal. We sat down with Salsbery to learn more.

Get Golden

As the weather heats up, so do hair colors. “Everybody’s really embracing the warm colors,” Salsbery says. She recommends trying lived-in color with radiant blondes and browns or a rich, lustrous shade of copper. “Copper is here to stay, and you’ll see a lot of variations of copper this spring,” Salsbery says.

With warm hues on demand, so too are natural textures. “I love the warmth we are seeing and the lived-in, effortless hair looks,” Salsbery says. It’s not just about straight hair anymore; it’s about embracing the smoothness, whatever hair texture you’re working with.

To extend the salon magic after your appointment, invest in the right styling tools. Professional tools aren’t reserved for just the stylists. Salsbery says that one major feature that differentiates them is their adjustable heat settings. And here’s the thing—stylists love to share their knowledge. “It’s important to have [your] stylist [recommend] the right heat settings specific to [your] hair type,” Salsbery says.

Salsbery recommends talking to your personal stylist because everyone’s hair is different. “Stylists always want your hair to be easy to recreate at home. If something challenges you at home for styling, your stylist is there to help give you tips and tricks,” Salsbery says. With the right products, including a reliable heat protectant, a versatile styling aid, a round brush, a curling iron and a controlled-setting blow dryer, you can maintain the fresh-from-the-salon look at home.

Hair Color Highlights

Two styling techniques are on the rise for sunny, natural hair. Highlights have long been a salon staple, but stylists have added a few longer-lasting looks to their repertoires.

Balayage: Balayage is French for “sweeping” or “painting.” This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and more natural, beachy look. A plus of this technique is the regrowth is less noticeable.

Lived-In Look: The lived-in look is a hair coloring technique that creates an effortless appearance. Starting with a base color close to your natural hair color, subtle highlights or lowlights are added to achieve a low-maintenance effect. Less frequent touch-ups make it a popular choice.

Let’s Talk Layers

Fashion is taking a serene turn this spring with calming shades of coastal blues, white and a soft pop of yellow, which will be reflected in Urban Eve’s clothes boutique.

Salsbery attended the COTERIE New York fashion event where all signs pointed to a return of more tailored looks. The annual fashion trade show showcased striking blazers that fit close to the body, paired with the wide or straight-leg pants of last fall. This spring, you’ll find neutral shades of lightweight linen, layered with whispers of floral prints.

Salsbery notes that you can’t go wrong with timeless and classic denim in medium to light washes. Fits with a peek of ankle and additional flare will also be a go-to essential, she says. And the hems? Those raw hems with a touch of ruggedness are back by popular demand.

For the final touch, look for layered jewelry in dainty gold. Trends continue to feature permanent, welded bracelets, anklets and necklaces, which Urban Eve offers through popup events with local vendors. But trends are also starting to add a nostalgic note to the mix with shareable bracelets. Urban Eve stocks ’90s-inspired Little Words Project friendship bracelets in their boutique. “You wear it until you find the perfect person that needs it, and you pass it on,” Salsbery says.

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